Beach Party

The beach party at Puuiki park on the north shore this year was a great success.  Over 50 people showed up at the worship service with many more coming as soon as they could for the potluck and games.  The message for the worship service focused on the fifth of seven mission responses: Send.  I shared about how God is a sending God and that God always goes before us and behind us in the places of our lives but most importantly because of Jesus’ promise that He is in us, working through us as well.


After a wonderful potluck meal with a great variety of dishes many stayed to enjoy volleyball, frisbee and conversation.  Thanks for all the wonderful food!


Many of the kids looked forward to the Colossal Kickball game that pitted kids vs. teachers and parents.  The kids fielded a team of 16 players ranging from preschool through highschool while the adults had a team of 8.  Each team played through their batting order once for each inning, five innings were played.  The innings were very exciting, often ending in a tie.  But in the top of the fifth inning the kids pulled ahead to a 20-13 lead.  With a daunting task of getting everyone home in the bottom of the last inning.  In order to win each adult would have to make it home.  We took to the plate and mustered an amazing comeback but fell one run short creating a kid’s team victory of 20 to 19.  Next year’s rematch will certainly have different results. 


 After the kickball game many enjoyed a water balloon throwing contest which I (Pastor) and my wife won in both rounds.  However I was unaware that the prize for winning was having the remainder of the water balloons thrown at me!  Besides the bruising I received the water shower felt great. 


At the close of the day everyone settled into the pavilion or went to the beach to cool off in the sand and surf. 

Thank you to Lynden, Jan, Taylor, and Kara and the many volunteers who helped to make such a great day possible because of their time and effort.  Thanks Meredith for the great pictures!  Thank you to everyone who came on Sunday, it was a great day!


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