November 27th 6:30 Speaker/Author Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel Honors Trinity with a Presentation


From Principal Anderson – “I have made arrangements with Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel, a speaker/author on parenting, to make a presentation on Tuesday, November 27, at 6:30 p.m. Her topic will be “Don’t Feed the Dragon!” which is also the title of her most recent book. It focuses on empowering parents to take control of their families (not let the children rule the roost) and how to teach their children how to make good choices.

Sandy comes highly recommended by several Lutheran school principals in California. They said she has a great sense of humor and parents love her. She allows parents to ask specific answers and she gives specific answers. Sandy will be in Hawaii over Thanksgiving and contacted me to see if we would be interested in having her speak.”

Sandy says of her seminar, which is based on her book Stop Feeding the Dragon, wrap Yourself in warmth and laughter as you learn how to teach your children to: 

  • Mind you without threats, bribes, screaming or anger
  • Stop melt-downs, arguing, fighting, defiant and disrespectful behavior
  • Do homework, chores, listen and do something on time
  • Make wise choices

More information on Sandy’s work can be found and


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