Did you know you were so blessed?

I was preparing my final lessons for my eighth grade religion class on Martin Luther and decided I would ask the Island pastors what would be their top five blessings of the Lutheran Reformation.  Here’s what I received back – thanks to all who responded…

To see their answers to “Top Five Blessings of the Lutheran Reformation”  please see comments…


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  1. Posted by trinityhawaii on December 4, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    Not necessarily in the order of importance…

    1 Article IV of the Augsburg Confession
    2 Scripture in language of the people
    3 Priests may marry
    4 Small Catechism
    5 Theology of the Cross

    + Grace and peace,

    Bruce (Bruce Betker, St. Marks Kaneohe)


    The Bible in the common language

    Both communion elements for everyone

    Priesthood of All believers

    Pastors can get married and have kids

    Not having to pay indulgences to get my relatives into heaven
    -Mitch (Mitch Gowen, Our Savior, Aiea)


    Pastor Hazel,
    off the top of my head, these are 5 blessings, not in a particular order:
    1) directing our faith to God’s objective promises in Jesus, that are outside ourselves, i.e. looking to certainty of salvation in the Word and Sacraments, rather than the doubt and uncertainty of looking inwardly or trusting our own works or will. Simply the “extra nos” of the Gospel 🙂
    2) Bringing the Word of God to the people in their own language, both in an accessible translation of the Bible, and in worship (no longer in latin)
    3) Seeing Christ as the heart and center of all Scriptures and every teaching of the church (John 5:39)
    4) A deep understanding of how God works through means (sacraments) to give comfort and assurance of salvation.
    5) The understanding of vocation–that every Christian serves God’s purposes in their daily vocations; that it’s not only special clerical vocations that serve God.
    a possible sixth? 6) Understanding of the Two Kingdoms

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Pastor Joshua Schneider (Emmanuel, Maui)


    Thank you for asking us kahu to add to your list of blessings of the Lutheran Reformation:

    1. Freedom from the bondage of ignorance and distortion of the Bible

    2. Peace in relying on Christ rather than on our futile efforts to be moral and good

    3. Preservation of the Scripturally based traditions of the Church and the discarding of man made practices

    4. Joy in hearing the sweetness of the Gospel after being reminded via the Law of our miserable condition

    5. Wisdom in discerning what the Bible commands/forbids and what the Bible does not command/forbid

    Les (Les Seto, Waikaloa Mission Church)


    1. Grace Alone

    2. Faith Alone

    3. Scriptures Alone

    4. Repeat 1,2,3

    5. Repeat 1,2,3 again (and again, and again……)

    – Jeff (Jeff Mueller, Good Shepherd, Liliha)


    Quickly, off the top of my head —
    1. grace
    2. grace
    3. worship that includes the participation of everyone
    4. Scripture in the vernacular
    5. some really good hymns
    6. end celibacy for priests

    Bill (Bill Shimkus, Our Redeemer, Honolulu)


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