The OMT on the WOG

Theologians like big, old words in dead languages.  And the words abbreviated as OMT represent three words by which to study God’s Word – Oratio, Meditatio, and Tentatio.  Don’t those just roll off your tongue?  NO?  Well perhaps you can see why Latin is a dead language, but the meaning, OH, the meaning!  That is where we find the good stuff.

When you OMT on the WOG, you discover the richness of the Word of God (WOG).  It is a beautiful cycle created by hard work.  Luther said of studying the Bible:

 “Let him who wants to contemplate in the right way reflect on his Baptism; let him read his Bible, hear sermons, honor father and mother, and come to the aid of a brother in distress. But let him not shut himself up in a nook…and their entertain himself with his devotions and thus suppose that he is sitting in God’s bosom and has fellowship with God without Christ, without the Word, without the sacraments” (AE 3:275).

This is how Luther described those three little words –

Oratio – kneel down in your little room [Matt.6:6] and pray to God with real humility and earnestness, that he through his dear Son may give you his Holy Spirit, who will enlighten you, lead you, and give you understanding.

Meditatio – Secondly, you should meditate, that is, not only in your heart, but also externally, by actually repeating and comparing oral speech and literal words of the book, reading and rereading them with diligent attention and reflection, so that you may see what the Holy Spirit means by them.

Tentatio – as soon as God’s Word takes root and grows in you, the devil will harry you, and will make a real teacher of you,and by his assaults will teach you to seek and love God’s Word.

I call this a cycle because Tentatio produces more Oratio.  Prayer is inspired by difficulty but speaks the best when it is grounded in the WOG, that is the Word of God. 


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  1. Posted by trinityhawaii on December 27, 2007 at 1:07 am

    Luther’s full article on OMT on the WOG (translated) –


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