Well what do you know?

Jesus was under constant scrutiny.  Talk about a stressful life, many people came to him to test him with difficult questions, they hoped Jesus would say something so outrageous that they could shame Jesus or even find something worthy of arrest and death.  That’s pressure!

I could imagine that under those kinds of circumstances I might try to say only those things that are popular or easy to understand.  Jesus has one of those opportunities when a religious leader comes to Jesus at night.  Instead of waffling on the truth Jesus instead challenges the leader’s thinking.  He encourages him to think differently about what God can do.  Jesus challenged him to see that God changes us completely, like being born again or born from above since this word can mean both of these things. 

Well, what do you know?  It was the question on Nicodemus’ mind when he came to Jesus but Jesus turned it around and asked Nicodemus why he didn’t know that amazing power of God’s forgiveness.  It is the power to be reborn, not from our mother, but from a faith centered on Jesus Christ.


Well what do you know?  It is a question for us but it is not a stress test!  Jesus says of us, “you will be my witnesses” and He would have each one of us take what you know and be just that, a witness.  You will be a witness that shares just what you know, not knowing everything but sharing the story of how Jesus became a part of your life.  A witness telling their part of that story that goes all the way back to Jesus himself.  That’s all a witness can do is share what they have seen and heard.  Well what do you know?  Imagine, that story is truly life changing.


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