Trinity hosts Fencers

inclub-01s.jpg inclub-02s.jpg inclub-03s.jpg  inclub-06s.jpg inclub-05s.jpg inclub-04s.jpg

Trinity hosted its first in-club fencing tournament on Friday.  The Trinity Fencing Club has been offered at Trinity for three years, starting in 2006.  The tournament had 10 fencers from second through seventh grade.  The fencers competed in two pools of five fencers each doing a round robin before proceeding to the final match between Cameron and Jacob.  Jacob, a third grader at Trinity, won the match and the tournament.  The top five spots were as follows:  1st Jacob, 2nd Cameron, 3rd Mary (3 wins/3 indicator), 4th Zechariah (3 wins/2 indicator), 5th Michelle (2 wins/4 indicator)

inclub-04.jpg Here Jacob and Cameron discuss the final match. 

(an indicator is the difference between points scored and points scored against)

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