Lutheran Schools Week At Trinity

Each year one week of March is dedicated to giving thanks to God for Lutheran Schools.  The Lutheran School System is the largest Protestant school system in the United States.  We are a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Lutheran School’s week is a week to give thanks and also have some fun.

MONDAY – crazy hair and hats day.   Older students also shared time with the younger grades reading to them, with them, or sometimes just talking about what books the younger students are reading. 


TUESDAY – Tacky Tourist Day.  Many of us remember what is was like to be this.  Some jokes on campus, “Where is like-like anyway (pronounced with long I) ?”  and “Does Mahalo mean trash in Hawaiian, I see it on all the trashcans?”

WEDNESDAY – Favorite sports team day.

FRIDAY – Multicultural day, eight teams representing eight different countries rotated through each country to learn about the culture, food, music and facts about each country.  The eight teams were Peru, Australia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Mexico, China, Djibouti, and Germany.  The day ended with a faculty versus 8th grade basketball game.  The teachers narrowly won a well fought game.

SUNDAY – The school and church celebrated the closing of the week with a special service and reception after the service.  The junior handbell choir shared three songs at the service.  Mr. Gavin, Paulette Krueger and I made up a small ensemble with Chris, a church guitarist, to share three songs for congregational singing.


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