A Friend With Only Enemies


Completely alone, no friend around, there doesn’t seem to be a single person on your side.  It is the very definition of alone and it can happen whether no one is around or a crowd of people surrounds you.  There are times when we need to take a stand, need to say what is unpopular knowing that it will end with our being alone.  Other times we say everything wrong acting completely self-centered and find ourselves alone.  Either way alone is a painful place to be.

In the Lenten dramas this year Centurion Marcus dealt with the life of Jesus through the eyes of a soldier.  “What if,” Marcus pondered, “the enemy is us and the hero doesn’t want us dead?”  How does God deal with the isolation that sin has created.  Evil has been called any place that God isn’t or looking at it differently evil does not exist except in its rejection of God.  God didn’t create evil we choose to reject God and left him behind, doing what was evil, becoming evil.  It is a painful place to be, without God.

Imagine you are walking along the shore of an icey lake when you come upon a man who has fallen through the ice.  When you go to rescue him the man curses at you, fights you off, blames all of his troubles on you, would you still save him?  We who rejected God, who did evil and were evil in His sight were still loved by God, God reached out a hand to grab us out of the grasp of death.

God came into the world as Jesus Christ.  He befriended us even though we were His enemies.  Jesus isolated Himself from the world of eternity with the Father to become a human being and felt our pain, experiencing a world crushed by sin, in order to end our isolation forever.  Jesus became sin for us, Jesus took on our evil so that even His enemies would be saved, he didn’t want us dead, He wanted us alive in communion with God forever.  It was that evil that Jesus willingly put on himself that made Him utterly alone, left without friend or Father on the cross crying out to His Father, “Why have you forsaken me?”  and finally “It is finished!”  Our isolation was ended, Jesus’ victory won, and a new life with God begun.


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