Look, Where to

Look here Luke 24 Reading


Look at my pain – the disciples are struggling with the death of their friend and leader, Jesus Christ.  The disciples on the road to Emmaus have reduced the message they heard from Mary and the other women at the tomb to a simple, “the tomb is empty.”  Their pain is heavy and their faces reflect the agony in their hearts.  See how this artist has shown them with necks bent, looking down.  Their eyes are closed and their dispositions dark.  So dark that the artist of this picture has given them a shadow but not Jesus.  


Look here – Jesus, the unknown traveler jolts the two awake with the label of “fools” who are “slow of heart” immediately directing their eyes to the Word of God where Jesus once again (as he has done time and time again) patiently leads them through the Old Testament revealing how God had planned to come into the world to redeem the world and that the cost of this redemption would be pain, suffering and death but that the final results would be resurrection and the defeat of sin and death.  See how the artist here reflects how opening up the Scriptures is like widening the scope of the view, here the travelers are dwarfed to their background.


Look to Christ – Even with the Scriptures opened to them after the death of Jesus they still only knew him as a teacher, someone that they would trust in their home.  So in the cool of the evening, in the waning hours of sunlight they invited the traveler into their home.  And now with their hearts burning, their heads raised, the Scripture echoing in their hearts, the last hours of Jesus life with them fresh in their memories,  Christ revealed himself again as truly present to them in prayer and the breaking of bread.  The artist portrays the present Christ here as revealed in the breaking of the bread by having Jesus hold the bread to his heart while the disciples hold their burning hearts.

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