Shamefully Sheepishly Shorn

Please read: John 10

Wallace and Gromit is one of my favorite shows especially the movie, Close Shave.  One of the main characters is shown in the picture above, he is a sheep named Shaun.  Watching the movie though we weren’t sure of his name because it sounded like shorn (which would have been funny since sheep have the wool shorn, or sheared off).  We didn’t figure out his name because of the thick British accents in the show.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his name was actually Shaun, since that is my name.

In a Close Shave Shaun is being hunted by an evil dog who intends to shear Shaun down and use him for dog food.  Shaun though is not an innocent lamb, he wrecks the house of his would be savior by eating everything he can get his teeth on.  At one point Shaun has all of his wool shamefully shorn off, dazed by the ordeal he is again covered by a sweater made from his wool.  Guided through the adventure by Gromit, Wallace’s faithful and smart dog, saves the flock from death.  Surprisingly, even though Shaun is sometimes absent-minded, gluttonous and wayward in the end Shaun has his moment of heroism saving the flock. 

Not many people like to be compared to a sheep.  But when you have one with the same name you take notice.  Jesus says of Himself, “he calls his sheep by name.”  When we celebrate a baptism the person being baptized has there full name spoken when being baptized.  It is a very important event.  In some cultures a person may receive a new name as part of their baptism.  We are part of a flock, those cared for by Jesus Christ, but we also a unique name given in our baptism.

We are lead by going in front of us.  “He goes before them, and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice ” (verse 4).  We know the voice of Jesus because he calls us by name.  We give all the glory to God for our faith because he sought us out, Jesus came into the world to be a part of the world He created.  Jesus life-saving call comes from His cross where our sin was taken away because Jesus took the penalty of our sin, death.  He lead us out in the world, guided by his voice to be his precious, named sheep.  People don’t like to be lead but only the shepherd fully understands the perils of this world.  We may think to ourselves, “this is really stealing,”  “it’s only cheating if you get caught,” or “if I help that person they will only use me” but Jesus knows how sin works and how the world was created, the voice of his guidance is trustworthy.






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