Letters from the Past

I received this letter from a former Trinity member and student, with his permission to share it, here it is:

Pastor Shawn,

Something made me take a trip down memory lane today.  From 1960 -1963 I attended church and school at Trinity. 
My dad was a Lutheran Chaplain assigned at Schofield and was vacancy pastor at Trinity before Rev. VanHusen (?) arrived in 1963.  I attended 6th – 8th grades at Trinity during the era of Veit and Delventhal as principals.
My dad confirmed me in the spring of ’63.

I don’t know if Trinity has a file of old pictures, but I found the attached picture of Rev. Walter Grum and his family as they left Hawaii when he accepted a call to California.

Also attached is a picture of my dad.

In looking through your web site I noticed that the church and chancel area are virtually unchanged since I was an acolyte.  We used to squirt lighter fluid on the candle wicks that are mounted on the wall so that they would light without too much difficulty.  They were mounted just too high for us to reach easily.  I tell this story to all of my new acolytes at church.

Skip forward 45 years…I am a pastoral assistant at St. Paul’s Lutheran, Decatur, AL.   Married for 36 years.   3 married children.  5 grandchildren.

I remember my years in Hawaii and at Trinity with great fondness.

God’s peace on you and your congregation.

Art Gaertner


Thank you Art for sharing some of your memories of Trinity with us.


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