Traveling Trinity T-shirt Contest Comes to an End

The Trinity Traveling T-shirt Tour came to an end in April after touring twenty-one different business.  Thanks to all who helped out with the travel.

travelling-trinity-t-shirt.jpg             boys-at-library.jpg #1 Waialua Librarytrinitytshirt01.jpg#2 Mililani Blockbuster trinitytshirt02.jpg#3 Mililani Foodlandimage_418.jpg#4 Gift Shop Iolani Palacefantastic-sams-ka-uka.jpg#5 Fantastic Sams KaUkasubway-kauka.jpg#6 Subway KaUkahead-arts-salon.png#7 Head Arts Saloncatridge-world.png#8 Cartridge Worldcurves-mililani.png#9 Curves Mililanibo-lee-kitchen.png#10 Bo Lee Kitchenamerican-savings-mililani.png#11 American Savings Bank Mililanihic-surf.png#12 HIC Surf Mililanipets-r-us.png#13 Pets R Usmililani-town-florist.png#14 Mililani Town Floristcookie-corner.png#15 Cookie Corner Mililanilongs-mililani.png#16 Longs Drugs Photo Dept Mililaniimage_493.jpg#17 Panda Express KaUka#18 Subway Mililani#19 Papa John’s Mililani#20 Jack in the Box Waipio#21 Leonard Jr.’s Waikele

#1 The T-shirt flies into Waialua Library (hopefully it wasn’t too loud).  Our first entry has been received!!  Others who have pictures, please email them in.   Thanks to the family that got the first one on the blog!  ***   #2,3  The T-shirt has flown into Mililani invading Blockbuster and Foodland, keep it flying! *** #4 The T-shirt was given the royal treatment at the only royal palace in the USA *** #5,6 Trinity’s vintage O’hana T-shirt was seen flying into two KaUka businesses near Costco *** #7-16 Our first girl makes a big entrance with a tour of Mililani shops sporting both the uniform shirt and Trinity Spring Fling T-shirt and 10 pictures! AWESOME!! *** #17 The Panda meets A Triplet of the Tshirt to share some Orange Chicken ***  #18-21 the T-shirt finishes up the Spring ’08 tour with Brielle and a Pink Bear 

Thank you to all who participated it was a lot of fun seeing the T-shirt travel!


For the rules and details see


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  1. […] We ate our lunches by the gazebo on the lawn and Christian even suggested getting a picture with the employee at the gift room for the Traveling Trinity T-shirt contest – smart thinking (Tshirt picture).  […]


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