Going the Distance to Victory

The 2008 after school sports program at Trinity finished on a high note with the LSSL Cross Country Meet at Ala Pu’umanu Park on May 15th.  Highlights from the meet include Michael McCaffrey (8th grade), and Maddy Richardson (7th grade) both finishing in 5th place in their respective races at the Varsity level.  Other Varsity runners included Melyssa Rodrigues (8th grade) and Ann Miller (8th grade).  In the Girls JV race, Taylor Pritchard finished 2nd place and Hannah Longnecker in 7th.  Even more impressive is that both are only in 4th grade and most of the competition was 5th and 6th graders!  Finally, our JV Boys sprinted through the competition to take home first place as a team thanks to the efforts of Aaron Calabrese (1st place), Elisha Lin (4th place), Christian Longnecker (5th place), Garrett Street (10th place) Justin Hill and Ryan Ramey.  Thanks to all the runners that came out and their awesome effort!  If you get a chance, check out the beautiful JV 1st place trophy in our school trophy case!


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