The Story of Your Life

I have a large ring binder at home with a collection of journals that I began writing in elementary school.  In a way those journals got me through some of the toughest times of my life.  I suspect anyone who has ever done a significant amount of writing would probably dream that one day maybe their writing would be published but when I look back I suspect they would be interesting only to me.


Although people in the world don’t seem to have the same reluctance to publish.  Celebrities and leaders freely publish their biographies because they want to tell their story or, in some cases, their side of the story.  Some see their life as so interesting that certainly other people would pay to read it.  Often these biographers remember their lives as they wish they would have been.  They spin the details either to make themselves look better or to make their lives more interesting.


What if we were to spin our biography >> continued


Old Testament Reading
Gospel Reading
Apostle’s Creed



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  1. Posted by trinityhawaii on June 16, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    …but in a much more painful way. If you were to write your auto-biography but remove God from it, how would the story read? Imagine some of those big decisions of your life and how your faith informed or didn’t inform those decisions. What times in your life did you depend on God to get you through? What would have happened if God wasn’t there? What would you have turned to instead and would it have been destructive? What times in your life did you wrestle with the life and death of yourself or others and God helped to put together the pieces? What would you have done without God to give you the big picture?
    Is it possible that your life would have reflected the ones talked about today in the Old Testament Reading. In the Old Testament, the lives of the Israelites before God’s intervention are described as being in abject slavery in Egypt. Perhaps in our biography slavery came from those things in the world that people will turn to when they are confused or distraught or without guidance – when they are lost. The things of the world which are more than willing to make us their slaves. Masters like alcohol, drugs, co-dependence, self-destructive life styles that bend us to their wills in order to lead us to death.
    In the Gospel Reading, we hear about the world that the disciples are facing – the sick, the leprous, the demonic and even the dead. They are sent out to face a world destroyed by sin, where God is intervening on their behalf.
    With a biography like this perhaps all you need is a spectacular event, a miracle. Wouldn’t that make your biography more interesting, but would they fix the world? In the Old Testament the Israelites have arrived at Mt. Sinai because of one miracle after another and yet it seems that they tend to only forget and grumble. The church leaders in the New Testament want another sign from Jesus so that they can really believe, but they don’t. Spectacular signs and wonders make great stories but not great disciples.
    There’s a biography already written about you. In fact your biography is written on quite a few pages in your hymnals. Look at the Apostle’s Creed. I wonder if you have ever pictured that as a biography. Read it through but add “for me” and “for my sake” at the ends of the phrases. Read the actions of Christ and put your name in there – Christ suffered for Shawn, died for Shawn, was buried for Shawn and rose from the dead for Shawn. It may not be the kind of biography you envisioned at the beginning but perhaps it less important that God is in our biography then that we have been written into God’s biography. God’s actions for us. God’s miracles for our sake.


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