Jerusalem in Wahiawa, VBS at Trinity

A week of VBS, Jerusalem Marketplace, began at Trinity today with over 25 children coming the first day.  The day included crafts, a skit, singing, snacks, synagogue school and special tribe times. 

Day 2 provided another opportunity to learn about Jesus, today we learned about the Passover when Jesus called the bread and wine His body and blood, we also learned that Jesus washed His disciples feet.  The children made dreidels and learned how to dance to the songs we have been learning.

Day 3 we found out that Jesus had been arrested while praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, this news was heard while weavers wove baskets and the synagogue school taught about prayer shawls. 

Day 4 Jesus was crucified and we were wondering what was going to happen.  The tribes created necklaces from metal and beads.  The circle dancing at the end showed a marked improvement.

Day 5 We waited the day to see if Jesus would return at the end of the day Jesus made his appearance and shared a blessing with us.

See the announcement for this below.


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