Trinity’s Fun at the Nike Fun Run

Trinity had over 70 runners this year at the NIKE FUN RUN on Sunday.  They raised over 1,000 dollars for our PE and athletics program at school.  Since they met the goal of 1,000 dollars, Mr. Gavin happily shaved his head and made sure to wear a hat for the race… Highlights from the race were; Aaron Calabrese winning the Lutheran School Challenge by finishing first and winning Trinity the first annual Nike Run LSSL trophy; Noah Ballaibe wasn’t tired after the 5k race, so he raced the mile with his sister Emma too; Sara McCaffrey just got her cast off her broken leg and walked the 5k in her walking boot; and thanks to all the students who stopped by our tent and said hi.  After the race, about 25 students and parents gathered at the park and had their own worship service after the race while they enjoyed the free Jamba Juice and each others fellowship.  Thanks to everyone that donated their time and money and made the first worship service at the park  a success.  See you all there next year!


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