The Savior at the Seder

The 5th grade religion class was studying the Lord’s Prayer and Lord’s Supper this quarter.  We ended the quarter with a Seder meal, which is the Passover meal in which Jesus gave the Lord’s Supper on the last night before He died on the cross.  During the Passover at probably the third cup of blessing he gave bread and wine and announced to the disciples that they were receiving His body and blood.  It would have been quite a shock after about 1300 years of Passover tradition to hear this.  The Seder meal give the context of the Lord’s Supper.

Because of the help of all the parents the meal came together really well.  I was concerned about the amount of time we had since a full-blown Seder meal can take three hours.  Needless to say, we had to edit the amount of content to fit our 45 minute class period.  What amazed me most was that everyone was willing to try each of the different foods! 

I will miss teach the fifth grade, what a great bunch of students.  Thanks to the parents who helped with the food items and to Mrs. Dilley who participated in the meal. 



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  1. Posted by mitty1 on September 29, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    What a really lovely idea to celebrate the Sedar meal with the fifth grade religion class! I am a recent Lutheran convert and I had never celebrated this meal until four years ago at Trinity church. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship and worship. Now the Sedar meal is my second favorite church holiday (Easter being my favorite)! I am so glad the fifth grade got to experience the Sedar meal at school!



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