Menehune or Missionaries?

The campus at Trinity was blessed with visitors over the break.  Was it Menehune?  Here’s some pictures of the changes (more pictures of the work party to come):

And here’s the full report from Principal Chris Anderson:


The missionaries accomplished much and were truly a wonderful group of Christian men and women. They replaced all of the old light fixtures in the four classroom building and installed 4 new ceiling fans in each room.

Alan, a retired electrician, rewired the breaker box and gave me a list of what is controlled by each breaker. Alan also did some rewiring in the breaker box in the 2-story building to reduce the load on the fuse which has blown 3 times so far this year. Hopefully, the load is now more equitably shared with the other fuse for the building which has never blown. Alan replaced the light fixture in the business manager’s office in which half of the lights did not operate. He replaced a fixture in the computer lab which was not operational. Alan also figured out how our night lights are operated at the school and at the church. The lanai lights at the church and fellowship hall now turn off in the daytime, which they hadn’t done for many months.

The 2 women missionaries painted May’s entire office and painted the ceiling areas where the old light fixtures had been. They helped paint the entire ceiling in the 4th grade room (which had never been painted), but much of that ceiling was painted by Jan Schulte and Lynden Nishi.

A foundation was built for the Rubbermaid shed which was erected on the playground for PE equipment storage. A cement sidewalk was constructed from the main sidewalk to the shed. (Mr. Gavin has already moved all of his equipment from the aftercare room to the new shed and May has now totally reorganized the aftercare room, utilizing the shelving space that was now available.)

Two new tetherball poles were installed at the end of the basketball court, with a 12 foot diameter circle of cement poured around each.

A new bench which had been donated to the school more than 2 years ago was put in next to the basketball court to match the existing one at the other end. A cement pad was poured for the trash dumpster in front of the building.

The leaky roof overhang above the back door of the preschool was replaced.

An underground drainage system was installed in the corner of the playground next to the shed and the large hole in front of the drinking fountain there was filled in.

Much of the sod that was removed to make room for the cement around the tetherball poles was replanted in the middle area where new grass was more sparse. Some resodding was also done around the shed and in other areas.

Minor repairs were made to computers in the lab and additional memory was added to May’s computer and to mine.

A new wireless receiver and microphone were ordered for our morning assemblies. A new receiver and new microphones were ordered for the church.

One of the back speakers in the church now works, although it is being eaten away by a fungus.

There are probably more things that they did, but this is all I can think of right now. Final costs are not yet in for the sound equipment ordered, but Jan estimated that after the $1,000 gift from the Baptist church, about $800 used from Mr. Gavin’s Nike Fun Run money, and the $1,600 from Thrivent, the total cost to the church and school for materials would be about $2,500. What a great deal for everything that was accomplished! Best of all, when the group left they were talking about coming back next summer to address more of the needs that they saw while here, including replacement of the rusted metal beam in front of the 2 classroom building. This beam holds up the roof above the lanai.

Many thanks are due to the crew from the 1st Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois. They worked hard, but also had a great time in Hawaii. They attended a luau at the Hale Koa, visited Pearl Harbor, climbed Diamondhead, visited the Dole Plantation, ate dinner at the Mongolian grill at the Hickam Officer’s Club, went snorkeling and scuba diving, and spent much time in Waikiki and at the North Shore. These were only some of the things they did with their time following full workdays at Trinity!

Many thanks are also owed to members at Trinity for their efforts in assisting with the work, providing meals for the workers, and providing lodging. John Keithley, Jeff and Jan Schulte, Lynden and Jackie Nishi, and Gordon Tang all contributed greatly to the effort.    

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