What Use am I?



>>Isaiah 45:1-7<<

  Is God using me?  God is using you whether you know it or not!  Cyrus who didn’t even acknowledge Yahweh as the one and only God, and yet he was being used by God nonetheless.  Verse 5 makes it clear that there is only one God even when Cyrus had a whole pantheon at his disposal, gods collected over thousands of conflicts from all the cultures dominated by his empire and yet only one God was over it all, over culture, above belief, guiding the pathway even for Cyrus.  

God purpose was for His chosen people because from them the Messiah would be born.  This was Jesus Christ, God made man, to save the world.  Even the mighty arms of Cyrus would bend to God’s will.  The difference for us, who are used by God alongside everyone else, is that we know who to thank for it.




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