Addison Additions

Seth and Audrey welcomed their second child to the family, here’s the full scoop:


Hello everyone!  Many of you probably heard the news, but our baby came a little earlier than we thought and we are finally sending out some pictures and all the info.  I haven’t had internet for 4 weeks so I’m a little behind on catching up with the ol’ emails. 

Addison was born Tuesday the 7th at 9:51am after 25 hours of labor…not much fun after a nice quick labor with Willie which was only 6 hours.  Addison was 7 lbs 11 oz and she was 19.5 inches.  Much smaller than Willie which was nice!  We are both doing well and luckily Seth was able to fly out and see us about 3 hours after she was born.  I got out of the hospital the next day and am healing very well but of course the feeding thing is rough like last time.  We’ll get the hang of this eventually!  Other than that we are happy and looking forward to getting back home to Hawaii.  


Aud, Seth, Willie & Addison

p.s.  please pass this email on to anyone I have missed…THANKS!!!


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