Merry Christmas from the Andersons

(Chris Anderson was formerly the principal at Trinity)

Merry Christmas to all of the wonderful people at Trinity!

Sandy and I have adapted to the Kansas weather again, although the rapid changes can often be challenging. Today the temperature was in the 50’s and just a few days ago the highs were in the 20’s. The weatherman says we will have rain changing to sleet and snow on Wednesday and snow all day Thursday, so we are looking forward to a white Christmas. I recently purchased a new sled at Sam’s so when we get some snow I will be out on the hill with my grandson (Jeffery who is an 8th grader). Sandy will be nowhere in sight, but Diamond (our daughter) will likely be out there.

I’m not sure about Kaden. She’s a 10th grader and is pretty much of a girly girl any more.

I am giving finals in my math classes today and tomorrow and then our semester is over. We have 93 minute classes daily, so we finish a year long course in a semester. I will begin new classes in January. I have enjoyed teaching math, but I have always preferred middle school to high school and I guess I still do. The kids are goofier in middle school and I have always liked goofiness. But what I really miss is being in a Lutheran school! I am seeking a call and praying that God will find a school where I can best serve Him and the children there.

Sandy is enjoying her job as a phlebotomist at the Kansas Cancer Center. She works 4 shortened days per week. If we can just get her to fully recover from the pneumonia brought on by her bought with the H1N1 flu virus, all will be good with her.

We will be visiting Sandy’s mother this week prior to Christmas and plan to drive to Texas to be with our two children and two grandsons there over the weekend. Brock and his wife are expecting another boy in April so we will soon have 3 grandsons in Texas. Aurora’s husband, Adam, is finishing med school in Houston and is currently interviewing for his residency. He has interviewed at several hospitals across the country, including John’s Hopkins, Stanford, Duke, and the Mayo Clinic among others. He may have an option to serve at a hospital in Dallas where he and Aurora have many good friends. That may be a factor in their decision, but he is currently considering all options. Having all of our Texas children in Dallas would be nice for Sandy and me!

We truly miss our school and church families at Trinity. We have never made so many good friends in so short a time and may never again. You have a special place in Hawaii with special people. I hope all of you recognize and appreciate what you have. God has blessed you greatly by giving you each other.

Well, I guess I had better wrap this up, but I want you all to know that you have made a lasting impression upon the Andersons. We will carry you in our hearts for as long as we live and will always remember Hawaii not just for the beauty of the land but for the beauty of the people who live there.

I especially missed the wonderful advent services at Trinity.

We’re going to miss the fireworks at New Year’s too!

Mele Kalikimaka and me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou and may the Peace of The Lord fill all of your hearts with great joy during this blessed season.

Chris and Sandy Anderson


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