Trinity Supports Our Chaplains and Soldiers

Faith Comes by Hearing

Thanks to the wonderful work of Faith Comes By Hearing Trinity sponsored nine mp3 Bible Players to our chaplains to give to soldiers to that they can hear the word of God.  A gift of $266 from last quarters offerings were sent to their ministry today.  Thank you to all who supported this ministry.

Here are some of the responses received from the soldiers affected by this ministry:

SSgt, Army Due to injury in OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom), I was MEDEVAC from the Middle East last month to Germany and then to Washington for two major surgeries.  This Biblestick helps by giving me hope during my surgery and rehabilitation.

Unknown rank It has helped me understand and retain the message of God found in His word.  The stick is useful because it is easy to carry & use.  Thanks!

Unknown rank It has greatly helped me to get more familiar and understand the message of God’s unconditional love and become closer to Him.

SPC, Army It has helped me grow spiritually and closer to God.  It’s awesome!

Captain, Air Force It’s a wonderful way to get the Bible every day.  Love the format!  Thank you for sending (Audio Bibles) to my kids as well!

Captain, Army It is the Word of God, my shield & armor.  Thank you!

LCPL, Marines It’s always nice to lay down to rest my body after long foot patrols and still be able to listen to Scripture.  Thank you.  (At the bottom of the card he added “Patience & Forgiveness”)

Unknown rank, Army In the absence of a chaplain service on a regular basis it is good to listen to the Word in mission environments.

Chaplain Assistant for 43rd Special Troops Battalion (excerpts from a personal note written to FCBH)   I would like to thank Faith Comes By Hearing for donating 80 BibleSticks to our unit.  The BibleSticks will be evenly distributed throughout my unit and our detachments as well as saving some for (future) requests.  The BibleSticks are really neat and easy to use and fits into almost any pocket.

I have one soldier I have been trying to get into the Bible and he has shown some progress, but he really lit up when I gave him one of these.  I think this really will help get soldiers into their Bible more.

The generosity and support that organizations like FCBH have shown to the deployed armed forces is greatly appreciated and it means a lot to us to have people like you back us up.  Thanks again for all that you do.

SSgt, Army National Guard I can listen to it when I get some down time.  Thank you for what you are doing.

E6, Navy It brought the Bible to life with sound effects and good narration.

Unknown rank, Marines It relaxes me and when I go to sleep I listen to it and I feel the Lord is talking to me.  It’s amazing!

Unknown rank It helps me to sleep at night!!! Praise God!

E5, Navy I have time for the Lord with no excuses.

TSgt, Air National Guard Helps me let the Word have first place and final authority in my life.  Do you have the Old Testament on MP3?  Please!!

2nd Lt, Army National Guard Love having Devo (devotional) time by audio.  Helps me imagine myself there.

SSgt, Army It is convenient, easy to pack, user friendly and can go anywhere I go easily to help me continue to study the Good Word.


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