Lutheran Schools Week Begins

On Saturday at the Pearl City Cultural Center the choirs and bands from the Lutheran Schools around the island came together to kickoff Lutheran Schools Week.  Paul Markillie, athletic director at Our Savior Lutheran School in Aiea, opened up the concert with a prayer.  In keeping with the theme of the evening he put it in song form (but didn’t sing it!):

Father God,
Thank you for these children
And the beauty of music and song.
We thank you for their directors
Who’ve patiently guided them on.

Lord, be with all our young performers
And calm their nerves and fears
Give them the confidence to share their gift
Which is so pleasing to the ears.

For the Lutheran School System
We ask your continued grace
So our kids can develop and grow
In a safe, Christ-centered place.

Please bless our friends and family
Our classmates and neighbors too
Help us to glorify your name
In all we say and do.

Lord, bless this time together
As we enjoy what You hath wrought
And please, may no sour notes be hit
And may no lyrics be forgot


Combined Choir performs

Combined Band performs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Combined Band

Combined Band

Combined Band Closing

Lutheran Schools Week School Opening Handbells



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