Bowling Champs

Bowling Party 2012 Cliff Sanden Grand Champion

Congratulations to our top scorers.  For the men, Cliff S. scored 371 in two games followed closely by Gil R. with 342.  Cliff wins the edible trophy and earns a picture for the year with the honorary koa pin trophy!

For the women, Sue C. won the top spot with 258 followed by Heather K. at only two points behind.

For the student boys, Spencer won with 198 followed by Gil’s son, Jake at 165.

For the student girls, Kiana won with 155 followed by Michelle at 141.

Great job everyone, hope you enjoyed more Paydays and Whoppers than you did Butterfingers.


Bowling 2012 Group Picture


Adult High Scorers

Cliff S 202 169 371
Gil R 162 180 342
Sue C 125 133 258
Heather K 131 125 256

Student High Scorers

Spencer M 90 108 198
Jake R 50 115 165
Kiana C 62 93 155
Michelle B 91 50 141

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